MacBook a1286 not power on


Sep 24, 2015
I just picked up a MacBook Pro a1286 that was for sale for parts or not working as the owner had no idea how to fix so I grabbed it and it's not powering on at all steps I have tried:

Powering on with the magsafe plugged in
Powering on with magsafe and battery unplugged
1.take magsafe off
2. push power button for 10seconds
3. while you push the power button connect magsafe and push power button for another 10seconds.
4. release power button and after that just start your computer as normally one push on power button

The magsafe stays amber/orange and I had it on charge for 3-4 hours and did not turn green

Edit: the magsafe now does not light up at all

Nothing seems to work any other ideas?


Probably bad keyboard. The power button is part of the keyboard. I see this a lot with liquid damaged MacBooks. You can see if the MacBook will boot by jumping a couple of solder points on the logic board. I have done this before with success and that proved the keyboard was the culprit. If it boots using this method then you are in need of replacing the keyboard which luckily is cheap but does require decent technical skills and some patience. Here is a guide to finding the solder points to jump:
You need to find the one that matches yours (A1286 was used on 22 MacBooks varying in years, FYI)


Nov 21, 2006

This would have been handy when I was trying to figure this out several years ago on an apparently dead Macbook. I instead took apart the keyboard and traced the circuits. Until I could figure out which pins on the logic board header for the keyboard went to the power button. Then shorted them with an ultra fine wire.

Later I found on another Macbook model with a different plug. If I just wiped the wire back and forth over the keyboard plug on both sides. I'd eventually short the power on switch and turn on the Macbook.

Anyways, I agree with the post. On the few water damaged Macbooks I've repaired. It has always been just the keyboard/top case. It is actually very well taped and sealed inside. So, liquid is unlikely to pass beyond the keyboard.
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