Macbook Buyer first time

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Jul 10, 2013
Hi Guys

I've been a fan of Macbook since my college days when i first saw it in my professor's desk. Since i'm a gaming guy and most games arn't made for macs.. i've help up that option untill now where i have a desktop especially for gaming and need a macbook for watching movies n all and in case i goto my relative's place, i wont be alone... Im not a fan of air as i've heard its gets hot at long run and since it does have have any dvd drive it is a bit embarassing.

Since i wont be doing any heavy work on my macs except watching 1080p movies at max and basic computer works like skype, browsing , streaming media... which macbook pro for me would be best. I've time till thanksgiving as ill get some sale also and in case any new model gets launched. Also which i5 would be more value for money (2nd or 3rd gen)

Will appreciate a quick response

Either this: or this: will be the best for you. the 3rd generation i5 is the best value for money. also, great choice. macs are really great computers(except for gaming(although, you can play windows games on it if you install windows on the side on it.))


Jun 25, 2013
hey gamer, macs are excellent machines, the build quality exceeds ultrabook, battery life exceeds ultrabook, longevity exceeds ultrabook, some of the top ultrabooks don't even compare, my sister is probably the worst person to give any electronic to, she has had hers survive with her since 2007, water spilled, dropped numerous times, etc. there is simply no ultrabook out there that can compare with design as well. however some things to consider, I would personally wait till the haswell macbook pro comes out, increased battery life might be worth the wait for you, or the price of ivy bridge macbook pros might go down. just something to consider. people always say bad things about macbook pro being overpriced junk, but honestly you pay 1000 dollars for an ultrabook, that probably gets 5-6 hours of battery life, worse display, keyboard does not even compare, you would be lucky to get 2-3 years out of it, when a macbook can easily last 4-5 years.


Apr 25, 2013

I agree completely. Finally someone who knows what they are talking about.