Macbook pro for gaming?


Jul 30, 2014
I have a custom build gaming desktop that can run virtually any game on ultra setings. I want to get a macbook pro for college but i want to know if it would be able to run games like Hearthstone, League of Legends and Wizard 101, Diablo 3.
What configurations would you suggest i choose on the macbook pro? please dont suggest other laptops, i know maca arent meant for gaming but can run certain games depending on the customizations you choose. If you really want to suggest a different laptop go ahead, i want something light and thin that can run the above games maybe even touchscreen it doesnt matter. Hopefully blu ray? Help please!


May 2, 2011
A Mac book will run those things if you install windows on it ... but then it kind of ceases being a mac its just the same as any expensive laptop with a premium price tag

There are some projects to let games run native on the OSX environment as well as some games that have been ported to the platform EG these

But let me ask you this ....

that is HP's envy range ... its build in the style of mac-book but with windows 8 and a touch screen to get the same spec in a mac it will cost you £1,999.00 , yes you can argue the resale value of a mac is higher at the end they hold their value better , some people work better within osx , or if you are using the BASH shell / coding in Ruby etc

If you wanted to get games running on the macbook , you'd need the machine at 2'000 plus parrells's the software for running windows on it along side ... for about 70 quid ... and / or a copy of windows to do a duel boot

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