Question Recommendations for new laptop.

May 9, 2021
Hi all, this is my first time posting and I was hoping to get some good recommendations, as I'm not sure which route to go.

I used to own a MacBook Pro, but found that it would get quite hot no matter what type of surface I put it on, not to the point where the fan would go off (I wouldn't get any overheating errors either) but to the point where it would be too uncomfortable to touch. This was just with doing routine tasks on it like browsing the internet, I'm not even talking about pushing the device to its limits. I'm guessing the heat dissipation on it was not the best, especially with the newer model (at the time) processors inside that generate a lot of heat.

I'm now looking at wanting to get a new laptop. I don't exactly have a preference for OS, and I know my options with Mac are more limited than windows. I feel like the same heat issue might occur with the new m1 MacBook anyways as they are still designed similar to how my pro was. Now don't get me wrong, I like a sleek design, but not when it sacrifices something like heat dissipation which is so crucial to the system working properly. My budget is less than $2000, I need decent specs but nothing too insane (I have a dedicated gaming PC now for that, so this will mainly just be for routine purposes but I don't want it to run sluggish and want it to last a few years). Mostly I'm looking at what type of laptop I can get that will have excellent heat dissipation where it won't be hot to the touch like my MacBook was every time I used it for more than a couple minutes. Bonus points if it can do this while resting on a pillow or blanket on my bed - I know that doing this is not fantastic for heat dissipation but that is how I'd ideally love to use my laptop, and I don't like the idea of a separate lap desk or cooler either if I can avoid it. I would also prefer a laptop over a tablet due to having certain applications available that are better suited to be used on a full-fledged computer.

Any ideas as to what model I should look at would be great, thanks so much!


Apr 2, 2021
I would suggest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as it has very strong rating among many laptops. It looks are great and slim. With all the options onboard. The heat dissipation is also great. With the pen almost perfect.
Here is the details and review for the product.

Give it a try and you'll be pleased to have it.
May 9, 2021
Thanks so much for your replies! I will definitely take a look at those two options! I was thinking about a surface previously too, but need to look at how the heat dissipation is and wanted to see what else was out there as well. I really appreciate it!
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