Macbook Pro help


Mar 23, 2016
My niece actually spilled some water on her dad's macbook pro. So my brother opened up the macbook pro to check if anything was damaged. There was a small amount of water that got inside. So my brother dried out the inside of the macbook pro. To make the long story short. Whenever he logs in he is not able to go to the desktop screen. For some reason his password gets rejected. According to him there's a possibility that the mac's keyboard got affected by what happened. Now I checked on his macbook. I already did an SMC reset, unplugged/replugged the battery. I tried doing the PRam reset. Whenever I press command option p&r it would lead me instead to the disk utility screen. Now I noticed that whenever I selected forgot password on the login screen. I get this error found on the picture below. Does this mean that the mac's logic board got affected or the keyboard needs to be repalaced?