Magnat Subwoofer Connection Problem

Abnormally Skilled

Feb 15, 2016
Hello guys,I just got a magnat subwoofer and want to connect it to my PC.When i connect it to my pc via a 3.5mm jack and set it as a subwoofer.It doesnt work,but when i connect it as a front speaker it does.The thing is that i what want my magnat for bass and my monitor and other speakers for the music.What can i do in order for them to work?I tried using the only monitor's speaker for music and still doesnt work!(using hdmi)
Do i have to connect it to a diffrent port?(I tried connecting it to the green which is the only port that the sub works but disables both the monitor and the other speakers)
I HAVE A GIGABYTE AN H97 HD3 motherboard with stock sound card(Realtek® ALC887 codec)
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