Malware Stopping Windows 10 from Installing


Sep 2, 2016
I spent 12 hours of my last day off trying to reboot my laptop because of a virus / malware. Whatever it is it causes the command prompt box to quickly flash on the screen sometimes it is just the outline of a box that happens to be the same size as the command prompt box, so I assume that is what it is. Anyway, after fighting to get my laptop out of a boot loop for 10 hours and actually accept the Windows 10 install it will now load to 100% on the "getting files ready for installation" then it shuts down and restarts the install. Every time it restarts install the command prompt box outline flashes on the screen. Is it possible that my laptop has been coded not to finish the install?? It has done this 5 times in a row now.

I tried taking the battery out for 30 mins as suggested on a similar forum, but the problem persists.
if your hdd is being a pain, kill everything on it:

once its wiped, install win 10 as there is now nothing to stop you.