Many audio pros here


Dec 1, 2014
Hello everyone do we have alot of here audio pros anyone build their home systems i am about to do it or just buy it dont know yet just before asking hundreds of question need to find out is this forum has any audio pros not only pc
Am I a "pro", no I don't get paid to design audio systems or implement audio systems. Do I or someone else here have some good experience? Yes. Throw out a question, in a new thread, and see what happens.

Am pretty sure you don't mean build, nobody build their own amplifier, receiver blah-blah, we just buy the proper piece and hook them up, INTEGRATE would be the better word. Whatever you asking be sure to specify budget so folks know whether we doing Mcdonald's or Morimoto.
agreed, not many DIY threads on here.. more selection and recommendation of existing products. with that said, we do have a few people here who know audio though if you're looking for really in depth help on DIY speakers i'm not sure this is as good as a specialized audio/diy forum for such things if you want more than a few answers.

its free to ask a question. you may get a decent response.

Ask away or send me a PM....
Yes there are some pro sound techs here...including myself.
I have built a lot of home systems.