Many, many, problems with new laptop (Graphics cards, drivers, frame drops, etc.)


Jul 1, 2016
Hello, so I found a problem with my new laptop, and then more problems as I was trying to fix the first problem. So the initial problem was that the new laptop had frequent fps drops every few seconds into playing any game. I was not able to have over 5 seconds of playtime without some sort of freezing happening. I looked at my NVIDIA Control Panel and it said that the laptop display was using my Intel HD Graphics 530 in the PhysX Configuration. I tried switching it to my GTX 960M, but it wouldn't switch, and when I tried disabling the Intel Graphics Driver, my screen resolution shrank, all of my games suddenly had clsoe to 0 fps, and the Control Panel would not open anymore.
When I re-enabled the Intel Graphics Driver, all of my games were at high fps with the same initial problem of those random frame drops and freezing. Help?

Note: I already tried reinstalling the graphics drivers and programs, rebooting, I have my net frameworks, the C++, I set my preferred graphics processor in the Control Panel to the High-performance NVIDIA processor, and if I try to uninstall the Intel Graphics Driver, the resolution shrinks, my fps drops, and/or it just reinstalls itself)

HELP! :(
Sounds like you need to contact either the place you purchased it, or the manufacturer. If you just got it, then it is still under warranty and needs to be looked at by them.