Memory card error


Oct 6, 2014
I have used a scandisk SDHC memory card with my Nikon D5100 for about a year. It was having photos for 3.7GB.

Today when I connect it to my PC through a card reader (as I always do), it showed me the photos in it. I have selected few photo & copy them to my PC. When I try to paste them I got an error message saying "selected image is not available". Then when I browse the card & found out instead of 3.7 GB photos, it was having one single file of 3.7 GB inside DCIM > 100D5100 folder (where the photos usually stored).

That file does not have an extension or can not be open. I tried some data recovery software & they only found & recovered the photos which I was deleted from the card previously. None of the lost images recovered.

I have not formatted the card since the error occurred and can someone please help me to get the photos back?

Below is how the file looks like on the card.