Mic/Headphone Combo jack on HP Laptop


Aug 31, 2016
I have always used laptops to record sounds (coming in from headphone amplifier or mixer console) using Sound Forge, but now my new laptop came with a combo jack and it does not recognize my 1/8" stereo cable as a "microphone". How do I get it to recognize it?

I should note that if I plug in the headphones that came with my Galaxy Smartphone, it does recognize the built-in mic in the headphones (three lines on the jack versus the 2 normal stereo cables come with).

Is there a new kind of male-to-male 1/8" cable that comes with that third 'line'?

So this is conceptually very simple. You got a 3.5mm miniature connector with 4 collars. Collar1=ground, Collar2/3=stereo output, collar4=mic input (I don't know if the order is correct, Google). And your mic has a stereo plug with 2 collars only. So your job is, find an adapter cable to pair the 2 collar mic input the the 4 collar plug.

Heck if I know what's that called or where to find it. Never had that prob myself, so no help here.