Aug 15, 2014
I recently bought a mic for my computer, the Skullcandy Slyr. I plugged it in, everything worked great, sound was good, and I went on skype to test mic. The person on the other end said is sounded crisp and clean, and not too loud or quiet. So, I proceeded to record a video for my youtube channel. However, when I listened back to the video, my mic was really quiet. So I went into the recording devices menu, just thinking, "I'll turn it up, no biggy", but to my surprise, the volume was already at 100%, and it had no mic boost option. So i tried a different recording software. Same issues. I tested xsplit,bandicam,fraps,dxtory, all yielded same quiet mic. Now, when I go to the recording devices menu, when I talk, it shows up as 1 bar, and doesnt go up to 6 or 7 unless my mic is literally, in my mouthm, and as it naturally doesn't reach that far unless I'm holding it, that doesn't work well. HOWEVER, once again, skype is fine, so is Raidcall, so is vent.
I googled to no avail, (and I'm a pretty good googler) so here I am..
My question is, does anyone know why it's quiet for group speaking, but quiet on my computer, and recording software?
Does anyone know how to fix it?