Microphone Headset Steel Series 3 not working PC

Jun 26, 2018
I just recently built my Pc
Have been using a webcam for a Mic/ Webcam for the first couple weeks just now bought a new headset Artic 3’s to be exact came with a split 3.5 mm Jack mic and audio. Yes I plugged it into the right jacks in the back
Yes I uninstalled reinstalled all my audio drivers
My audio Drivers and sound card are Realtek
Yes I found out my motherboard manually downloaded the latest drivers from my manufacturers website still nothing
Yes I went to control panel > advanced etc Put all my volumes and dbs to maximum and still nothing
My windows 10 detects there is a microphone but the green bar does not go up or down it doesn’t pick up my voice. It’s set as my default and in my Realtek Hd manager I have it set as split so it’s acts as it’s own devices.
I’ve literally been trying everything! I don’t know what to do
And no my privacy settings are turned on and not off for my microphone so I’m out of ideas and threads WELP I’m ordering a 3.5 jack with a USB adapter asap just to try but sucks why don’t my jacks work?
Audio works perfectly fine by the way can even use my webcam mic which is connected via usb while using the headset and the headset is not muted
When I raise the headset to its fullest volume the microphone bar has little sparks of green like it hears it help.
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