Microphone produces static noise on audio recordings


Oct 23, 2016
After recording audio and listening to it, the microphone I have (ATR2500 USB) creates a constant static "popping" or "crackling" noise. It's unbearably loud.

I've narrowed down the possibilities. I have tried the microphone on two separate devices, and each produce a static output when listening to the recording. The static is made worse by being connected directly to a motherboard USB as opposed to the front panel. I've also used different cords attached to the mic. It seems to be just the mic that is producing the static, and I am not sure why.

Conclusion: This has to be a hardware issue. If it was a software issue, then it would have most likely worked on one device but not the other. Also, the static is made worse by the location of the USB.

Solution: From what we know, the mic is most likely the culprit. Is there anyway to narrow the issue to someplace fixable? The ATR2500 is not a cheap mic, and come with good review. I would be surprise to retire it after only a few months.


Question from rhodesnc : "Microphone Suddenly has constant static noise output"