Mid price reliable office daily use laptop


Jan 9, 2018
I have recently become an entrepreneur. I need to buy a laptop for regular office use which chiefly involves extensive browsing on the internet (multiple tabs in chrome) alongwith pdf (acrobat reader), ms word and ms excel. I also sometimes use powerpoint alongwith chrome, adobe acrobat and images. I need a laptop (and not a desktop) as I have to visit clients occasionally. My daily use is around 10-12 hours. I don't play games or do programming or video editing. Kindly advise which processor and other configuration would be suitable and also have a decent life (non obsolescence) as my work profile and computing needs are unlikely to change much in coming years. Laptop prices in my country (india) are twice usa prices but it is hard to get a laptop with an old configuration (i3, later generation) below 550 us$ which sets a high floor as well. Your experienced advice would be helpful to me.


Assuming a budget around ₹33,000 and given your background info, I have these two laptops for you:

1. From Amazon IN, this Lenovo priced at ₹30,000:

And from flipkart.com, this ASUS priced at ₹32,000:

They both come with Windows 10, have 6GBs of RAM and run on an i3 CPU. The Lenovo uses a 5th-gen CPU whereas the ASUS offers a 6th-gen with the better HD 520 IGP.

Battery life is 4 hours - and that's the official (and optimistic) data - so you need to bring the power cord. This is unfortunately what you must accept in this price range, and with your requirements.

They are also both very much designed for your kind of business endeavour - and with Windows 10 pre-installed you don't have to download all manner of app tweaks to run your Office programs with other operating systems.

NOTE: The ASUS is a time-limited offer that expires in something like 6 hours (as of writing).

Best of luck with your new life,
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