Minecraft laptop under $400?


Oct 29, 2012
Hello all,

Are there any decent laptops out there that can play minecraft at a decent rate with a budget of $400 USD? I'm more of a desktop person and don't keep up in the lappy world. Size and manufacturer really don't matter. It would be nice to have at least an i3 ivy bridge but I suspect this may be pushing it.

-Brand: Does not matter
-Model: Any
-Bought From/Price: USA ~$400
-OS: 7 or 8
-CPU: intel or amd but prefer intel ivy
-GPU: any that will work for mincraft
-Resolution: any
-RAM: 4gig or more
-Usage (Gaming, Internet, Office Apps, etc…): Mincraft
-Real World Battery Life (in your estimation): Does not matter
-Your Rating (out of 10): ?

Any help would be great.