Minix Neo Z64 Windows 8.1 32GB or Minix neo x8-h plus


Jan 9, 2015
I cannot choose between Minix Neo Z64 Windows 8.1 32GB or Minix neo x8-h plus.

Maybe some of you guys allready own one of those products or done some tests.

As i own myself a full hd television ultra hd is not important for me.
My tv is a smart tv.
Also i do not play games, this is also not required for me.

The main reason why i want to have this little box is to have it running for long hours watching live tv from internet, streaming youtube full HD videos, using kodi (xbmc).
I own myself a photocamera that records in full hd 1080 and shoots pictures. I also want to have those watched without lags/frame drops by a SD card.

I dont want to have frame drops when watching movies/videos or any media related stuff.

Both devices got remotes.

Windows version got a flymouse includes keyboard on 1 side and other side its a remote using wireless, sound great but does this works ok?

For minix android version there is a infrared remote this is delivered in box.

Wich one is the best option for me to buy?

They are both same price.
Android version supports 4K
Windows version supports Full HD but got intel processor.