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    Solved! how to retrieve messages from my lost phone

    I lost my phone Samsung galaxy J1 ACE NEO. I blacklisted the phone. how can I restore or retrieve the messages and photos from the lost phone?
  2. B

    Minix Neo U9-h connect to Behringer b112w

    Hi all.I want to connect the Minix Neo U9-h to a pair of PA speaker Behringer Eurolive b112w.At Minix I have only the optical out and mini jack 3.5 mm.From Behringer I have two XLR input.I don't want to connect them bluetooth or wireless because sound is not so great.Is a dac converter a better...
  3. Y

    Update not found for my phone

    How to update my oppo neo 7 version
  4. R

    Solved! The how can u upgrade my mobile galaxy grand neo v 4.4.3

    My mobile consists android v 4.2.2. And my mobile is galaxy grand neo. I want upgrade it to 4.4.3 how can I please help me, out
  5. J

    I have the turned my off... it is still in safe mode.

    I have turned my phone off and off more than 100 Times between yesterday and today. It is still in safe mode. I did not even put it there in the first place. It is very frustrating. I have a Samsung galaxy neo plus
  6. 6

    Connect a sky q box smart tv and a roth neo 6.2

    Best way to connect these
  7. D

    Solved! fully charged but within an hour it's low battery

    I charge s3 neo full but it's always discharge within an hour or two hours.
  8. B

    Tethering suddenly stopped. samsung grand neo

    Hello:bounce I had my neo tethered to a windows 7 laptop via usb yesterday all fine and all day have been unable to use it. Have tried rebooting both, reinstalling and run virus/malware on both. Cleared cookies/cache on both It started after I updated avast virus software on the laptop this...
  9. M

    How to use sd card as instant storage

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy s5 neo
  10. J

    how to change default storage to SD card in samsung sm-n750 note 3 neo

    How to change the default storage setting to sd card
  11. J

    My galaxy grand neo plus won't turn on

    Wont turn on or charge
  12. D

    J1 Ace and S5 predictive text killing me.

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me with my predictive text problem that is on my S5 and newly bought J1 Ace Neo. The problem is when I type something the predictive text works fine but when I make a mistake and erase part of the word my predictive text starts at the first letter I then...
  13. M

    SAMSUNG S3 Neo

    my phone is switched on but the touch screen freez, please advice me how to rectify
  14. M

    Notification tone related

    Neither my whatsapp notification tone is working nor the message tone only it is vibrating..incoming call ringtone is working Properly..can you please tell me what is the problem and how to sort it out?? I am using oppo neo 7
  15. A

    Ps4 slim or ps4 neo

    Hey guys today was the Sony press conference and they revealed the ps4 neo (pro) I don't know which one to buy I'm mainly buying it because of vr and vr comes in October if I get slim I can use vr right away but if I get neo I have to wait a month I want to know if Which device works better...
  16. A

    What piece of tech should I get

    Hi I have a budget of 1500 I was planning on buying a ps4 neo and ps vr I would give my old ps4 to my brother so I can play with him.for that purpose I bought a 4k tv for the ps4 I'm having second thoughts I could get a imac and a ps4 neo but no games accerscies like games and ps plus I...
  17. I

    Galaxy S3 Neo Battery Problem

    3 Days ago I hade 54% battery and I left my phone on the table and when I woke up my phone was shutdown and I could't turn it on, I puted in on charger nothing happens and I putted it on my USB to connect with PC i makes a sound and that's it, nothings appearing to the screen and I bought a new...
  18. M

    -How to turn off safe mode from samsung galaxy grand neo plus phone fast in a hour

    Unfortunately my phone stuck into water till then my phone is in safe mode so please tell me the easy and fast ways to turn off safe mode from my samsung galaxy grand neo plus phone
  19. C

    What does dolby pro logic and dts neo pc do on windows?

    I noticed the realtek audio driver can be unlocked and then you get dolby pro logic ii and dts neo pc. Are those features used to upmix stereo signals to 5.1? Do I need a receiver to use those features or can I just use my realtek 5.1 sound card?
  20. K

    Stuck on boot screen after flashing custom recovery [Samsung galaxy tab 3 neo ]

    Hello I have a Samsung galaxy tab 3 neo and I was installing custom recover using rashr and when it asked me to reboot I pressed yes and it rebooted but it got stuck at Samsung first logo screen. I waited for some time but it wasn't proceeding so I long pressed the power button to shut it down...
  21. S

    Firmware upgrade error-Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo - GT-I9060D model

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo (GT-I9060D Model) Mobile Phone one year back on April 2015. After a year it becomes hang up and I did factory reset option to clear the data and becomes fresh mode. But while clicking any options, it reboots again and again. I approached to customer care...
  22. F

    MXQ PRO 4K android tv box and MINIX NEO A2

    I have an MXQ PRO 4K android tv box. Now I bought an MINIX NEO A2 to use with it. The problem is that there is no respons when i press the buttons. :-( (The sound disappear from the tv, meaning android recognize the device) 1: I have rooted the box 2: I have downloaded the .kl file from this...
  23. I

    Single to dual core hp pavilion dv2

    I got a Hp pvailion dv2-1160ed. Is it possible I can put a athlon x2 neo or turion x2 neo in the current socket asb1 motherboard that I have now with a single core athlon neo? I know the tdp is 3 watts higher but will that matter? If not possible, can I swap it then for a motherboard that was...
  24. C

    Getting a new phone

    I'm thinking of buying a new phone. Currently I'm using Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. I was thinking to get S5/S5 Neo. I know that the S5 Neo has a better front camera, with 5 Megapixels. Why is the S5 Neo cheaper than the S5 when S5 Neo is better?
  25. I

    Minix Neo Z64 Windows 8.1 32GB or Minix neo x8-h plus

    I cannot choose between Minix Neo Z64 Windows 8.1 32GB or Minix neo x8-h plus. Maybe some of you guys allready own one of those products or done some tests. As i own myself a full hd television ultra hd is not important for me. My tv is a smart tv. Also i do not play games, this is also not...
  26. M

    Built-in web cam not working. Please help!

    I have neo basic b3230. Last month, my hard disk got toasted, so I got it replaced. Now, I can't find my cam driver. Not even on control panel. what to do? :(
  27. M

    Hello i have a problem last 10 hours that my smart pad ep772 neo talblet is froozen on lock screen .. i holt it turn off butto

    Hello i have a problem last 10 hours that my smart pad ep772 neo talblet is froozen on lock screen .. i holt it turn off button for more then a min but it did not restart ... help me to reset or turn off thnx
  28. P

    my facebook unlock please

    Samsung s3 neo
  29. M

    Choosing Smart TV box - Riko MK802 IV or Minix Neo X8

    Hi, I'm having a hard time choosing the most optimal setup: I don't really mind the size, but the question is does the difference worth 80 extra euros?
  30. M

    trace samsung theft mobile

    i lost my samsung galaxy s 3 neo mobile to trace please
  31. A

    sir my name is abhishek . i lost my mobile

    plz find him imei no: mobile samsung note 3 neo plz find him nd contact me
  32. M

    I deleted photo gallery. how I recover them again

    Note 3 neo .I deleted all gallery photo I want to recover them again
  33. A

    where is file manager location in galaxy grand neo

    Where google music player and default file manager location in galaxy grand neo......I checked whole set and settings......but in vain
  34. A

    Google Nexus 7 2013 V/S samsung galaxy note 3 neo.

    I have to choose between 1)Google nexus 7 by asus 2013(Wifii+LTE) 32 GB and 2)Samsung galaxy note 3 neo. in terms of gaming,reading,watching movies and camera.Please suggest between the two.
  35. tambeshakunt

    Galaxy Gear 2 Size?

    Hi everyone, I was planning to buy the Gear 2 Neo or the newly released Gear live smartwatch. I wanted to know if anyone is aware of the minimum wrist size with the default straps for these since my wrist is quite small. Thanks!
  36. G

    xperia neo l os reinstall

    hi im tryin to repair xperia neo l with Sony Update Service(SUS), but i found their is no neo l listed in the products, so is there anyway to reinstall the OS
  37. G

    xperia neo l camera zoom

    I have SONY XPERI NEO L which has no camera zoom, can any one suggest a best option for camera
  38. J

    SD Card Not Mounted

    I have an Xperia Neo V phone with the ffg. information: Model number: MT11i Android Version: 4.0.4 Baseband Version: 8x55A-AAABQOAZM-2030282G-77 Kernel version: BuildUser@BuildHost#1 Build number: 4.1.B.0.587 My problem is that my sd card was not mounting in...