MXQ PRO 4K android tv box and MINIX NEO A2


May 28, 2016
I have an MXQ PRO 4K android tv box.
Now I bought an MINIX NEO A2 to use with it.

The problem is that there is no respons when i press the buttons. :-(
(The sound disappear from the tv, meaning android recognize the device)

1: I have rooted the box
2: I have downloaded the .kl file from this site
3: I have copy/paste the file in to "system/usr/keylayout
4: I have tried the Vendor_0c40_Product_7a18.kl.txt that danyway added in the forum

I have restarted the box. Tried all the usb ports, disconnected the power, Tried FN + "P" - Re-synchronize command.

Can someone please help me :-(

Is there anything in settings in android I'm missing or anything???