Solved! Mixing sound system and subwoofers?

Nov 9, 2018
Hi all,

I recently bought a second-hand Logitech Z5500 system which did not include the subwoofer. (I thought it would be easier to get a replacement speaker. It's not.)

Would I be able to use another Logitech subwoofer with the rest of the system? (it's made up of 4 satellites, a centre channel and a control centre)

For example, would I be able to use the subwoofer from this with my current setup?

If not, what sort of subwoofer would I be able to use with the system? (if I can)

The sub in the Z5500 seems to have the amps for all the speakers in it not just the sub. You can't use a generic self powered sub because of that. If Logitech has a sub with the same connectors you may be able to use that but I don't know if they do or whether you could actually get one. The amps are often the part that breaks in these systems.
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