Monitor can't find signal from laptop

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Mar 30, 2017
I use a monitor on my laptop since the screen is shattered but resantly there has been no display going to my monitor. When I unplug and plug in the HDMI the monitor searches for a signal but can't find one.This is also true with VGA. I have tried completely shutting it down and turning it back on but that doesn't help
Was this by any chance after a system update? If yes, you may want to try first updating the drivers for the display. Should that not help, strange as it may sound, you may want to try getting drivers that are older and reinstalling them.


Apr 13, 2017
I don't understand any of the solutions that are being suggested here or in any other forums for this problem. I don't think you understand, how can someone do anything to correct this problem if they can't get any visual information because their monitor is blank? I have the same problem that xTacos has, my screen was damaged and I use an external monitor. No matter what correction is suggested, the first question is, how do I even access my computer's files to do anything to fix the problem? I can't see anything. Is there a cord you can use to connect to another laptop or device to solve things from there? All the solutions I've seen seem to fail to grasp the significance of the problem.
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