Motherboard compenent burnt

Oct 26, 2018
Hello. I have a notebook Asus X554L and some time ago i spilled wine on the motherboard which obviously made display not to function anymore. However i opened it and cleaned it and everything was functioning normal except display. I was using it for long time just connected to Tv via HDMI and it was ok. Recently with the power on, one component from motherboard burnt out pretty badly and its not turning on at all (completely dead). It is just one little black circuit under the spot where LCD connects with the motherboard. I don't even know what's the name of that thing and my question is if i can actually order another piece to replace or if it is fixable. Forgetting now the part with display which is maybe less important problem for the moment.. I read that you can replace such things but i have even no idea what the name if that circuit is and how can i find it. Thank you , i will try to attach photo



This is one of those situations where, if you have to ask, then you likely don't have the tools or skills necessary to replace discrete components on a motherboard. Something shorting out could have done a lot more damage then is visible as well.

You can just pick up an all new motherboard relatively cheaply. It is a lot of effort to move everything over into the chassis, but cheaper than sending a component out for hardware repair.

With that you might even end up with a fully functional laptop again.


Doctor Rob

Jul 21, 2008
don't get that board from ebay.. that is a NON working board for $72

I would if you really want it to work watch ebay for a working (with some kind of warranty) used board. the cheapest I could find was over $388 for a new one from (you can buy a working used Asus X554L from ebay for less then the cost of the new board)

SO if you really want to spend money.. there you go.. though I would just get a different laptop.. or just wait for a used one on ebay.
Oct 26, 2018
Yes definitely i don't have tools for dealing with such things, but looking at many youtube videos about replacing such circuits i was thinking it can work out haha. Definitely would have worthed a try since i don't have anything to loose anyway. But also seeing the prices for good motherboards i think another laptop sounds better :))).
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