Mouse help with laptop - left click brings up context menu


Apr 17, 2014
Hello, when I woke up 2 days ago I had this problem with my laptop (fujitsu AH531) where it opened up the context menu when i left clicked on the desktop or start menu but on other software (eg Mozilla) it worked fine, also my right click doesn't do anything at all. I changed the settings on the control panel to left handed and that worked to begin with but now that just gives me the same problem and the right click still doesn't work. I did a virus scan with avast and found 5 infected files and cleaned them too.

I thought this was a hardware failure up until last night when it started working again (both mouse buttons worked as usual) but when i booted it back up this morning it went back to the problem. Does anyone have any idea at all what could be causing this problem?

UPDATE: now my right click AND left click both bring up the context menu but when i switch to left handed they work fine.
Thank you.