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Question Movie sound playback problem via Home AV Amp

Aug 5, 2019
Hi, I have a sony amplifier model
Sony STR-DN1080

I was watching NETFLIX and the voices of the actors are not as they supposed to be, they are too deep. After checking both the settings of my Panasonic TV and of the Amp, i guess i have detected the culprit of the problem.

When i go to setting on my TV , i have a setting called SPDIF Selection. If PCM is choosen then the voices are correct but i wont be able to play 5.1 audio on netflix as it disappears, but if i choose AUTO or Dolby Audio the voices of the actors play too deep and on the NETFLIX menu the 5.1 audio track is available.

attached are 2 audio files, 1 with the PCM setting and the other with Dolby Audio Setting

The amp is connected to the TV via HDMI

https://soundcloud.com/rodgm-briffa%2Fpcm-good https://soundcloud.com/rodgm-briffa%2Fdolby-bad
Check the settings in the speaker menu of the receiver. If the center speaker is set to large then that would send bass to it. Change it to small.
If the center speakers is on a flat shelf that will give voices a chesty sound. Putting something under the speaker will reduce that.
If the receiver has an tone settings for each channel then you can turn the bass down for the center.
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