MP3 player, Creative, Sony etc. good or?


Dec 31, 2007
MP3 player connected to your home Hi-Fi.
Is Creatives Nomad Jukebox, or similiar, giving you a good sound compared to a computer with an average sound card or a normal DVD player connected to your home Hi-Fi?

A friend, to a friend, claims that Creatives Nomad Jukebox isn't sounding that good, Okay, it's in level with other portable stuff but not as good as a computer etc.
I would like to use something more quiet than my computer, (fans etc.).
What do you think. Should I buy any of those portable Jukeboxes or should I build myself some quiet computer instead?
I am thinking about a slow Celeron 300A or similiar which would be able to run without a CPU-fan.
Hope to here some opinions or ideas about this matter.


I have the 6 gig Archos Jukebox wich I am quite happy with. As far as sound quality is corncerned, its not much worse than my Soundblaster Live on my computer as long as the mp3 files stored on it are of desent quality. But if you are planning on hooking it up to your stereo, you might want to buy one of the stationary mp3 players on the market.

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