Msi gaming series laptop external display turns off and on immediately


Jan 5, 2014
Hi, for over half a year i have been using a MSI gaming series ge70 2pe apache pro with an external monitor but i have always noticedd that everyday at the same time, around 11:38pm the monitor turns off as if i manually turn it off with SCM but immediately turns back on. While this happens the laptop's original display doesn't turn on either. The external monitor is connected via HDMI and i'm pretty sure it happens everyday around 11:38pm but sometimes it happens more than once per day at different times. Been wondering for a while and checked around but didn't see anyone having the same issue. My only guess is that its software related or something seems the time seems consistent.

Try updating the graphics card driver first. Here are the steps:

- Uninstall the graphics card driver from Device Manager and in Programs and Features as well since it should have something related to NVIDIA in there as well.
- Once uninstalled download and install the latest driver from NVIDIA support site.
- Here's the link:
- Use the Auto Detect feature so they could give you the latest and accurate driver for your graphics card.
- Lastly reboot it once the latest driver has been installed.


Jan 5, 2014
Should i reinstall the intel HD graphics together with the nvidia one? and my nvidia driver is up to date, should i reinstall it anyways?

Edit: for some reason i tried installing the nvidia driver from the site without uninstalling the old one, even through it was the same version apparently it fixed it.....i think because it didn't happen today. If at all possible i would like to know why reinstalling it would make any difference.

Edit2: after a couple of days of it not happening it started again....
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