Solved! MSI GS40 connects to WiFi but quickly loses internet, crashes internet of other devices

Dec 13, 2018
This is a really strange problem... I have an MSI laptop which connects to any network and functions correctly for about 10 seconds. Then, abruptly, the internet speed dwindles down to nothing and never recovers. Interestingly, when my laptop is on and connected to my home WiFi, after a brief period of time all other devices connected to the same network also lose internet connectivity, even as they remain connected to the router.

I have already reset the router and can confirm that the problem is definitely the laptop. It behaves the same way across different networks. It still works fine when plugged into Ethernet.

I have purchased a tiny usb WiFi adapter and am waiting to receive it hoping that can be a temporary workaround. But I’d like to resolve the problem and am hoping it won’t come to a fresh OS install.
Have you tried connecting the laptop via Ethernet to see if you get the same problem? If you don't, then it is likely the WiFi and getting the new external one should help.

However, if it does this on Ethernet as well, then I would start looking at the device having something on it that is the cause. Virus, malware, bad program, etc.

That would not surprise me at all. Also, check the settings on the modem/router to make sure that the number of devices that can connect isn't limited. And you may want to even check that with your ISP.
Dec 13, 2018
I don’t have any of the listed problems when I connect via Ethernet. I have tried running virus scans as well. I have tried reinstalling the Killer Wireless card’s firmware, I have uninstalled the card and reinstalled it, but keep getting the same results. Thanks for your suggestion though!
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