MSI GS70 vs. Gigabyte P35K


Sep 5, 2013
Hey and thanks in advance,

I'm debating between these two laptops for college. I don't really expect to bring a laptop to class everyday, but when I start coding, I want to bring it during classes. I do plan on playing games like Company of Heroes 2, Saint's Row IV, and World of Tanks during free time.

I did read that the P35K has more battery than that of the GS70, but I'll probably be plugged in most of the time. P35K has 55db when loaded, while the GS70 has 49db loaded on the sound.

The problem is more on the design since both of these have similar specs.
Is 17 inches too big? I don't know. I really love the color keyboard and the sleek simple design of the GS70 (the gamer's logo on the cover even lights up). On the other hand, the P35K has the 15 inch screen with the simple backlit keyboard which is pretty lame, but it does have the switchable dvd/blu-ray player thing.

Price is not an issue.

Any advice on more things to consider? Which should I choose?

Thanks again!
I haven't had the pleasure of handling the Gigabyte but they have become quite a trusted name over the past few years. The GS70 however I have had the opportunity to test, and it is quite a nice laptop! You'll have to weigh in on which features appeal to you more, but I think you'll enjoy either system. :)