Msi gs70 vs gt70 vs others


Jul 17, 2013
Hey, I'm going to be getting a new laptop for school, gaming, etc. (I love msi, but others will work too. Just tell me which ones.) I love the gt70 becuse it has the 780m and will be able to play almost all games at ultra, but is thicker and heavier. The gs70 has a 765m, so it isn't quite as powerful, but it incredibly light and thin. So my question is, is the 780m worth it? Also, if anybody has either laptop, can you please tell me what they think?
Yes, the 780M is considerably more powerful than the 765M and if gaming is your drive for getting the laptop, and if your budget will allow it, then get the GT with the 780M. I digress; I'm really fond of the GS. It's not exactly lightweight, but it's definitely lighter than the GT and most certainly slimmer, the construction quality feels nice, and the fans didn't seem excessively loud.