MSI laptop shuts down immediately upon turning on


Apr 27, 2016
So, I have an MSI laptop (about 1.5yrs old now so still fairly new). It has been working fine till about 2weeks ago. Whenever I start it the first time in the day, it starts, loads a little (usually to the MSI screen) then after a little metallic click type sound, it shuts down (like a force shut down via holding the power button, same sound too).

Then if I turn it on again, its perfectly normal. It just happens usually once a day, at the first time I turn it on in the day (whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening).

Does anyone know what's causing it or a solution? Just looking for another opinion really.
Primary thought is hard drive showing signs of failing (little early in life span but its tech; can't really predict it).
Idk if it's a possibility, but I've heard about static getting in? Unlikely though, I'd imagine.


Apr 27, 2016
Still an issue, and still staying at once per day.
I have noticed it seems a little slower on initial bootup, going from the MSI screen to the log in page, and the blue backed loading screen now shows up just before the log in screen (the one that shows up after updates, but with just 'loading' as the text). This is also since it has started this issue initially.
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