Multiple laptop screen issues


Dec 5, 2012
Hi everyone,
A friend recently gave me a laptop that has some screen problems, was under warranty and had a new screen replaced but that didn't seem to fix it. However it is no longer under warranty and has been gathering dust until recently.

It is an Acer Aspire 5336 t353g25mnkk on Windows 7.

The display works perfectly on an external monitor.

When turning on the display flickers on/off with purple lines across the screen and takes some movement to fix.
Screen usually has a light flicker but seems fine as i type this.
Sometimes while moving the laptop the display OR the back light goes off. I can see the back light still on but no display, or i get a black screen with visible display when i shine a light on it.
Back light will always turn off if screen brightness is under 100%.
Most of these problems are intermittent but a pain to deal with, especially being blinded by my brightness.

Any ideas?
Thanks :D

Update: 26/1/17

After taking the machine apart(again) i played around with the inverter, of which this ex-refurbished laptop had a generic one installed with 6 inputs. After switching from the port it was plugged into, to another one i have had no graphical bugs or screen flickering.
Now the only thing left is the fact i am unable to operate at any lower than full brightness. Any time i lower it the backlight shuts off completely. I am thinking of replacing the bulb, but i find it odd that lowering the brightness is what is causing it to turn off. Anyone know why this might be?

Thanks again :)
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