Mutliple devices into one speaker set


Aug 1, 2011
Im looking for a receiver like device that can handle multiple audio devices connected at once.

I have 2 pc's, and a TV that I would like to run into one set of speakers. Currently I have a logitech 5.1 set with the 3 3.5mm jacks for pc surround sound going to 1 pc. I am constantly having to switch from one pc to the other by physically removing the jacks and putting them into the other pc. The TV isnt even connected yet.

I REALLY want to avoid Y cables because I fear that might damage the speakes if both pcs would try to play audio at the same time.

I found but it is only able to use a single audio out from each device. I would like to be able to keep all 3 3.5mm jacks from each pc to ensure that the surround sound is correct. I have been searching all day and have had no luck. It seems a lot of people want to do something similar to this (found threads dating 2007), but no manufacturer has taken advantage of it.

I would like to avoid the high cost of purchasing a full home theater system. I have found a couple speaker systems that will take multiple inputs, but they are again going into the hundreds of dollars range.

Also, is there a term for the 3 surround sound jacks on the back of the pc? I feel my lack of terminology might be hindering my search.

Thank in advance.

edit: one pc has an optical audio out the other does not.
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