Solved! My Asus ROG laptop model GL551JW shuts of after 2 seconds of turning it on and something inside the computer clicked

Sep 10, 2021
Hello! I recently had brought a new battery and a Universal AC Adapter and it was working fine until now (It wasn’t turning on before I brought a new battery and AC adapter). When I turn it on, the screen pops up then the computer shuts down while also this clicking noise happens. Then the charge light disappears then reappear. Sometimes it doesn’t reappear. I

I tried my old charger and still the same. Is something wrong with the battery?

I forgot to mention sometimes I’ll stay on then say preparing automatic repair then turn off


When was the last time this computer functioned properly?
What kind of click do you hear? Is it using a hard disk drive or solid state?

You mentioned that with either of the AC adapters you have the same issue. Try running the computer without the battery, only the AC adapter (Try the old one first) to rule out the new parts.

If it's still with the same issue, I think your hard disk drive is failing. I'm assuming that's what's making the clicking noise in either case- either it's a click from a sudden shutdown, or it's a clicking from the hard disk drive failing to read.