Question My dell e5450 randomly stops booting once a month.

Dec 13, 2020
So i bough this laptop with a new ADATA SSD (512 GB) about 2 months ago and it was refurbished (or so the sales man claimed). I installed windows 10 on it, updated windows, installed the drivers and pretty much the basic stuff. I've been using it for mostly studies and video editing and haven't installed any malicious app of sorts.
So from the day I bought the laptop, this has happened twice.
I would shut the laptop down, go to sleep and the next day when i boot the laptop, it won't find any OS to boot even though I tried booting several times and all the basic trouble shootings, nothing worked. I took the laptop back to the shop and voila he somehow fixed it. My mistake, I didn't asked him precisely what had happened. I was suspecting the SSD to be faulty but I ignored it and went on. Now today, it happened again, I started my laptop and boom, no OS to boot. To be exact, it would show the dell logo, then a black screen for a few seconds, then state that "no bootable drive found". I suspected the SSD again so I opened up the laptop (voiding the warranty) and physically checked the SSD and other components and connectors. They all looked fine and the SSD looked new to me. Right now I am trying to install windows 10 on it again, but I am really irritated by this problem and since I have also voided the warranty, I cant go back on refunds.
If anyone has any insight on this, if you think I could solve this issue by replacing some part, please help. Thanks

Dell e5450
intel i5-5600
8 gb ram
nVidia 830M GPU

Battery works fine, haven't noticed any voltage spikes or warnings
The charging adapter works but I dont think it's original
Dec 13, 2020
Alright I have fixed this anomaly by the classical methods of elimination.
My first guess was a faulty OS (since the shopkeeper installed the OS both times) which kept on corrupting the boot config, so I though the naturally supported OS would/might work stable given that I had a real copy of Windows 8.
So I managed to get windows 8 installed in the SSD (as every other OS kept erroring out, even Linux would get stuck, I think I got lucky on windows 8 as I will reason below). Once I had windows 8 working I was expecting it to work for maybe another month but 3 days later, the whole windows vanished again. This time, I was 99 percent sure it was a faulty SSD which had it's initial memory modules basically dead, I attached it to my PC to format it and it hanged the system. I took it to my fellow software engineer and their system also hanged (even with a SATA to USB plug).
So finally, it turned out to be a faulty SSD that kept corrupting the boot config data randomly which kept on destroying the OS randomly. It was a relief since it could've been a faulty ram module or a faulty motherboard.
Since then, the system has been working fine with a new SSD.

One more note, my software engineer friend said that it is possible to disable the initial modules of the SSD using Linux's boot commands that would basically allow me to use the remaining portion of the SSD. (So the SSD would work with reduced volume)
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