My Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop shuts down every time with a beep 5-6minutes after startup.please help me with this?

Jun 13, 2018
The problem was since yesterday.i switched on the computer as usual and it got shutdown after about 5 minutes.i tried for 4-5times but of no use. Few days earlier to this my laptop didn't shut down at all but I did not bother much as I still could put it to sleep. But from yesterday the problem is that my laptop shuts down within 5 minutes of start where it takes about 3 minutes to open.This problem persists even today.i checked some videos from YouTube to try out to fix it but all vidoes over there give instructions which tell me to do some kind of work on the laptop but my laptop shuts down before I had completed any of the process.i even uninstalled all the games,as I thought they could possibly pose some problem. Still problem exists and I can't work on my laptop.please help me out about how to fix it...but I tell u again that my laptop closes as soon as it starts.....stays about 2 minutes..... that's it...please help me out with some solution. Thanks
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