My laptop 960M card has stuttery/screen tearing issues with a game like League of Legends, how can I fix this?


Aug 4, 2014
I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right place but my laptop with 960M graphics card has issues with stuttering and screen tearing, it's hardly noticeable in locked camera, but once I unlock the camera the stuttering/screen tearing shows when moving it up and down, usually when multiple things happening in an area, it's not something game breaking, but I'm sure everyone appreciates smooth gameplay. I'm not exactly sure how I can fix this, I'm sure my GPU is pushing out a lot of frames I get roughly 170 up and down in frames. Would getting a second monitor greater than 60hz solve this? I had an i7 laptop from last year that can run it perfectly fine with intel graphics. This laptop is an i5, I tried locking the grames at 60 or 59 but locking the frames actually makes it horrible because it just has even worse screen tearing. Not sure what else I can do for a laptop except V-sync (which solves all the issues) but I really don't like having any input lag. Any advice and suggestions are much appreciated!

This problem isn't severe, I can live with it, but sometimes when panning out and moving the camera I wish I had a smoother experience with a gaming laptop. I've played with Nvidia control panel and fixed it up a bit playing around with the settings. Also something I would notice is the ground not moving smoothly away it kinda just stutters away, but this is hardly noticeable. Not sure if I'm just asking to much from the laptop.


Aug 4, 2014

I did the clean install just recently you mentioned, but the problem still persists, it actually made it a bit less noticeable and helped out, but when I play a fast pace moving game like Rocket League, I'm getting screen tearing towers the top 1/3 of my screen, it's not bad or unplayable, just noticeable, the performance is just fine, but I'm guessing it's the monitor on the laptop. Not sure if there's anything else I can do.


Dec 30, 2012
If it is not a monitor issue, chances are Laptop_Nerd was correct, it could be a driver issue. The latest update(s) have been causing issues with a bunch of GTX graphics cards, especially if you are running Windows 10. If you updated your drivers recently (before the fresh reinstall of them), and then the issues appeared, this is probably the issue.
However, I am not too sure which drivers are stable for your graphics card, so the first place to look would the laptop manufacturer website, which probably has stable drivers.
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