My Laptop automatic shutdown in few seconds

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Vicki Advani

Jun 21, 2013
Hi! My Laptop shutdown automatically in few seconds, I tried to removing battery and using the power adapter but still the same situation. I also tried to remove the memory and use single memory but it didn't worked, so I am confused that what should be done to solve the problem so please help me.


Dec 31, 2008
A shutdown problem is most likely due to overheating, usually caused by dust buildup inside the case, and around the heatsink fan. I recommend that you try to remove dust somehow. The best way is to remove the top or bottom housing and blowing air (buy compressed air can) around the mobo and heatsink/fan from the inside, but this isn't easy to do for novices. A decent alternative way is to blow air (not too close) to the side vent, which should blow air outward on the bottom fan/heatsink exhaust, and other open areas around the casing. Just make sure battery is removed, and the unit is completely off before doing so. See if this changes the time the unit stays on.

If removing air doesn't fix shutdown issue, it is a faulty hardware (can be anything), related to overheating or serious power related failure, such as bad battery or adapter. Overheat issue will result in unit turning on, but shuts down after about the same time (i.e. 15 sec).

Power issue is usually not consistent (i.e. power turns on once, doesn't work again, or jiggling the adapter connector works on and off). In many cases, adapter connector to the dc jack isn't secure due to some sort of physical damage, which means both the adapter and dc jack may need to be replaced. A way to find out which is faulty is by replacing the battery or adapter, it would be best if someone has a similar brand laptop, so that you can try to see if the battery and adapter are interchangeable, so you can test out yours (try charging battery) and vice versa.

If all else fails, take it to a repair shop, and get an estimate. If the unit's value is low, I would sell it on ebay as is. As long as the mobo is good, people will buy it.


Dec 17, 2012
sounds like overheating; did you drop it recently? i would take it to a tech... playing with the hardware inside a laptop isn't easy for an expert, let alone an amateur. If you're overheating a tech could probably fix the problem. if it's not temps, the tech could find out what's wrong.

generally speaking, your problem with that laptop is not at the level of DIY, you need someone who knows what he's doing to deal with this problem and fix it (if possible)
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