my laptop doesn't turn on help please


Oct 3, 2013
Hello all

I have a vaio vgnfw230j laptop. One day i tried to turn it on but it showed no reaction! No sound or light
Nothing. The red power light turns on however, when i plug the adaptor.
Any idea what's wrong with it? I need my data is there anyway to access them or backup if it doesn't start:) ?
Thank you
Have you tried removing the battery and turning it on with only the power adapter? If not, give it a go and see if it will power up. As far as data recovery goes you could remove the hard drive and connect it externally, using a drive enclosure, cable, or docking station, to another computer to get your data back.

Edit: I see the recommendation to use as an external drive has already been mentioned. Guess I was a bit slow on the response time.