my laptop fell now it wont turn on the charger light is still on so it's charging but it won't turn on what can i do?


Jun 21, 2016
my hp pavilion fell now it wont turn on the charger light is still on so it's charging but it won't turn on what can i do?


Aug 18, 2015
Probably a bit late now, but I had this problem with the same type of laptop.

What I would recommend is this:-
1) Check if the hard drive is making any funny noises. To do this, when turning on your laptop, put your ear on the right hand side of the mouse (touchpad) as this is where the HDD is located. if you can hear any scratching noises (the pin scratching the disks) or any failing motor sounds (basically just anything out of the normal) then it is most likely a HDD problem.

2) Does the OS (Windows, Mac, Linux etc) attempt to load when you start the PC, or does it just turn off after displaying the BIOS or not turn on at all. If the OS does not boot, then again it is most likely a HDD problem and can easily be fixed. If you see the Windows (or your OS's) loading screen, then the computer turns off, your HDD is most likely corrupted and you will most likely need to replace it.

3) If after reading the previous 2 points you think you need to replace your HDD, watch this YouTube video, it will show you how to go about doing it.
You could get a new HDD from eBay for about $50 (£40), but ensure that it is a 2.5" model, as 3.5" desktop HDDs cannot fit in laptops. If you're unconfident about doing this yourself then take it to a shop but you will only get the same info you have been given here. I made that mistake and they charged me £60 for a 1TB HDD and another £70 for labour, then I found the exact same HDD on eBay for £40!

Hope this helps :D
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