My laptop is freezing for a couple seconds at a time especially when streaming video or gaming:


Sep 21, 2007

Could be flash player bugging ==> is it up to date
Could be laptop overheating ==> check you temps with hwmonitor, speedfan or coretemp,
Could be virus / malware, ==> scan with adwcleaner, rogue killer, malware bytes. if the problem persiste, might want to get the drive in another computer and scan from there (hybernate.sys, pagefile.sys)
Could be your computer needing a better CPU more memory



Sep 22, 2012

Thanks, the flash player is up to date, I've heard differing opinions on how hot is too hot for a laptop but mine never hit 80 degrees or even close to 80. I already have malware bytes but I'm updating it and running it again right now. Do I need adwcleaner and rogue killer as well or will malware bytes be enough? My laptop is a brand new $700 i7 laptop with an actual graphics card and 8 gigs of memory I can't see how it should be having this problem.
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