Question My laptop is overheating Asus

Feb 27, 2019
Hello. I own an Asus R510DP for over 5 years, and a few months ago the laptop started to have extremely high temperatures (70-75 degrees). The laptop was purchased again. I have not given much interest in this aspect (temperature) but lately it has become a disturbing cooler that often runs at maximum speeds. I cleaned it (suctioned, blowing with a compressor), applied a new thermoconductor paste, I dismounted the side of the fan and cleaned it with a small brush. Often, especially when I study some PDF files or navigate to Google Chrome, the cooler starts running at high speed and the processor temperature reaches 66-70 degrees (for some simple actions). It slowly returns to 37-40 degrees but not for a long time. What could be the problem? We went into a couple of service but were not competent.
60-70 isn't a high temp. That is really normal. However, if it worries you, then you need to determine what component is actually giving off the heat. CPU? GPU? Something else?

Some of your post is a little confusing. You say "the laptop was purchased again", this implies that you are talking about more than one laptop, so I am curious as to if the temp issue is with the old one or the new one, or if you are actually referring to one device, and meant something else?

Please do clarify.
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Feb 27, 2019
Hello. Thank you for your answer and apologize for the confusion I created. The laptop was bought from the store, I am the first owner. The component that is at that temperature is just the CPU. (GPUs, HDDs, SSDs are up to 45 degrees in full load). The strange thing is that the CPU reaches that temperature more and more when it's loaded, when the laptop runs on the battery, it does not reach a temperature higher than 50 degrees.
Hmm, the power supply (cord not battery) will put out more power and possibly more heat is gained, but it is odd that it is changing so much just by being plugged in. It could be a flaw in the device, or in the design/layout of where the power and where the CPU are in relation to each other.

While the temps you mention really aren't that high, but if it is worrying you, and you recently got it, take it back and have it exchanged for another to see if the problem persists. Or, if past that date, then try contacting the manufacturer as it should be under warranty.
OK the 84 is high, but the others not so much. That they are so different, if running the exact same things and only plugged in versus not plugged in, then as I mentioned before, I would have it looked at. Either by the manufacturer (if under warranty) or by a local tech.
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