My laptop uses the wrong graphics card (intel hd 530 instead of gtx 960m)


Mar 2, 2017
Hi , my laptop is doing pretty good but until i did a speed test , it said 8% gaming .
I use a gtx960m wich i think is pretty good . The wrong part about it is that my computer always uses the wrong graphics card (intel hd 530 instead of gtx960 4gb) does anyone know how i fix this ? any help would do thanks


Mar 20, 2016
Are you certain it's using that in games? A speed test likely wouldn't detect that, as laptops switch constantly between your iGPU and dGPU. Would be willing to bet that a speed test is simply detecting hardware and cross-referencing other benchmarks using x CPU and y GPU to tell you if your rig is good for, in this case, gaming.

If you're uncertain if you are using the iGPU or dGPU in games, there should be a way in Geforce Experience to check which GPU is running a certain program (or game). I know that in NVidia Control Panel, there is a 3d app manager that allows you to specify an executable, and tell it which GPU to use.

Phillip Corcoran

genthug has it right, in the second paragraph - - you need to use the "3D Settings" in Nvidia Control Panel to configure a game or application to use the GTX 960m, otherwise the default Intel GPU will be used, which is what is happening at the moment.

After you've configured a game or application to use the GTX GPU in Nvidia Control Panel it will switch to the GTX GPU automatically from then on whenever you launch that game.

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