my laptop wont turn on


Sep 30, 2014
i have a hp pavilion dv7 2111 that wont turn on. When i have the battery in the laptop it wont charge, but if i take the battery out i will show me that it charges. But i still cant turn it on, and nothing flashes. It only flashes 3 times when i try turning it on. here is a link to see the problem i have with my laptop
Ok, well the cheap power supplies that say "replacement" on them or any generic power supply that is not the OEM one is not good for your laptop. I have seen many many of these junk power adapters damage batteries and damage motherboards (even seen some gateways and hp with some realy bad burns on the motherboard at the power port).

At this point you can try buying an OEM power supply but without being able to physicaly look at the laptop, I would give you 50/50 chance of that working (the other 50 percent chance being that the motherboard is already damaged).
Yes I saw the battery charge light blinking.
If you check HPs support page for your notebook they say that the blink codes are used on the numlock/caps lock keys, not the front lights, especially not the battery light.
Im sure read about 3 blink codes = memory issue, but that is not the lights that blink.

You just get a blinking battery charging light.

Go ahead and try removing individual memory modules if you want.

The behavior you are having is that of a board that is auto shutting off to protect itself. Either the power supply went bad and is now putting off a bad power level, or the power supply fried something on the motherboard and now it is not able to send voltage to where it is supposed to..
I would double check and make sure all ribbon cables and anything you touched is put back in good.

Getting one of those tiny laptop cables only 95% can cause no boot issues and is something that even experieced techs do from time to time.


Sep 30, 2014
It didint work before i opened it so i checked if something were wrong. By the way, my laptop charger has 100-240V and 65W.
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