Question My laptops keyboard is not working as is should be

Jun 30, 2021
When I press "g" it will come out as "g5" same with 5 , h is "h6" same with 6, " comes out with a - everytime i press it there are some more keys that have this problem like the "=" disabling the touch pad. Im not sure if its the Sticky Keys & Filter Keys doing it but its all turn off so im not sure whats the problem and im on windows 10. Please Helpppp


Need more details here, anything happen before the issue started? Spill anything on the keyboard? Try reseating the keyboard cable, make sure nothing is sticking on it, all the letters are moving freely. You can delete the keyboard from device manager and reboot, make sure the language settings are set to the correct ones.


Mar 15, 2019

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Google Translate: Have you tried reinstalling the keyboard driver? What computer and model are you?
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