My new tablet screen goes black within seconds of no activity by me, and must be unlocked

Oct 9, 2018
When I'm just reading something or nor even searching if I pause for just a few seconds it does screen Fades out in and then I have to to unlock it and go back to the page and if I'm reading something and then I keep touching it with my phone it will stay on my friends tell me it. There's a setting somewhere that would keep it on longer I'm not familiar with these things at all this is my first tablet haven't even been online for a few years thanks
Depends on your make and model of your tablet. Alternatively, which Android version is it?

This could help:
Press the menu-button -> Settings. Eventually before seeing Settings, press More first.

"Screen" or "Display." or similar

"Timeout" or "Screen Timeout." or similar

set time period in the pop-up menu that´s appearing, changes take place immediately
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