My Parents bought a new Hisense Smart tv. But do you think we can hook up their DVD to it? We can connect everything but there


Apr 29, 2017
Hisense 43K3110PW unable to connect their LG DVD up to new tv. There are the 3 coloured Connections on a black lead.
I'll clarify that. We can connect it all but "No Signal" received. Suggestions appreciated
Assuming that you connected the yellow, red and white leads from the DVD to the AV input on the TV correctly make sure the DVD has been on for a minute before you select that input on the TV. Some TVs won't go to an input that doesn't have a signal going to it.
Also check the TV owners manual in case you have to turn the input to composite in one of the menus.



Need details about the connections you are using. You cold be trying to connect composite connection to a component one.


Jan 7, 2018

Select A/V as Source.
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