my Samsun CEO168 tablet is frozen. It wont turn off,wont do any thing what can I do?


Mar 27, 2017
Was working fine on face book, went to refill coffee came back to continue----nothing. tried every thing---wont move, turn off, no sound, cant go any where. tried plugging in charger, tap it a few times, every thing is frozen, battery charged at 91 time 8:47 has not moved any. Please help.
If you can't get it to turn off, you have two options....

1. Let it drain completely and then leave it off while it charged. Once it is fully charged, turn it on and make sure nothing is running in the background that shouldn't be. Also check for malware, bad apps, and viruses.

2. Open it up and pull the battery. Then do the above. Yes, I know they are not easy to open nor to get at the battery, however it can be done.

NOTE: Do not open it up if the tablet is still under warranty as that would void the warranty.