My sound from my headphones arent working on my computer


Nov 1, 2016
My headphones worked perfectly on my computer before this incident. One Day, after school i went to the shopping center and bought an audio splitter for my headset because i needed two jacks for my headset. So i plugged it in my computer and when i tried to plug both cables in, one would always pop back out. so i thought that these splitters wasn't the right ones. So i decided to use my headphone cable for sound just for now until i got a suitable audio/Headset splitter. Thats when i realized sound wasn't coming from my headset anymore. I checked everything on my computer like the sound at the bottom right which said there was sound but i couldnt hear it. I checked the device manager and playback audio and everything that other discussions suggested but it didnt work. I tried the headphones on my phone and the audio worked perfectly. I don't know what the problem is maybe my computer settings but i never changed it. Please help me

Edit: I have tried different earphones but they didnt seem to work. I tried the headphones i used on another computer and that didnt work. Don't know
Hello there.
Do you have any headphones, earphones or speakers you can test on your PC?

Connect an earphone for example to the rear Green output in the back of your computer. Then right-click on the sound icon at the bottom right. Then click on Playback Devices. A menu will appear showing all available outputs. Find the one named Speakers, right click on it and select "Set as default device".

If there's any issue with this, please print your screen and upload pictures of your Playback devices menu.