My speakers aren't working.


Oct 20, 2016
So I built a new computer and everything is working fine except that my speakers aren't working. I've been trying to fix this for a good 2 hours and I'm really at my wits end with trying to build my computer as a whole (hey at least I'm learning). Anyways, so I've tried uninstalling the drivers, messing with the properties, testing, going to device manager and tinkering with some stuff there (it's so much to the point where I don't even remember), etc. I've basically tried everything, so I was wondering is there a certain thing that I have to do in order to get my speakers working because I'm at a dead end. Thank you!

Shaun o

Here is how to get sound to your desktop speakers via windows.

Make sure the Green, as you say Jack is plugged into the green colored output port on the back of your system case.

At windows desktop, right click on the speaker Icon.

Select playback devices.

Select HD audio out, or speakers Hi-definition audio device.
Right click on it and set it as default audio playback device.

If your speakers are just a left and right setup.
Right click again on HD speakers hi definition audio device.

Now click on speaker configuration.
Make sure the selection is set to 2.1 stereo speakers then click ok or apply.

And you should have sound to the speakers.

If the speakers you connect are of a 5.1 surround sound type then you must configure them to the 5.1 surround sound setup ect. failing to do so is one of the reasons why you don`t get sound from the speaker setup at times even though the device in question is selected as the default playback device ok.



Oct 20, 2016

What if I've done this and it's still not working?
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