My toshiba computer won't work. The screen is always black no matter what i do. And that Remove battery thing, does not work.

Feb 20, 2015
Well a month ago i got this 'The sims' game and tried it. My toshiba computer, had this very long download and i think i had to download it about 5 times. But after i shut it down, it didn't want to start again. Now when i start it it only becomes a black screen where you can't really do anything.. Everything is on, light, sounds, etc. But still it doesn't work. I've tried all those thing you can read about on the internet but it doesn't work.
Please help!


Dec 11, 2014
wait, what download... game update or windows update? Do you see ANYTHING when you boot up or just light start and nothing comes on screen? I mean can you access safe mode? If you insert bootable cd do you get any screen? This can be caused by alot of things, from bad windows update file to fried monitor
I suggest you to look at these things: If you can load safe mode its definitely bad driver (or rarely a virus). If you see the boot screen and then it goes black it might be bad windows update and you will have to restore from previous date.